Jobs Creation

I will continue to be a strong advocate for promoting and advancing free market policies that enable our community’s small businesses, the bedrock of our state’s economy, the flexibility and freedom to grow and prosper.


Spending and Taxes

I strongly believe that more government spending and programs are not a solution to every issue we face in our community and state. I will champion proposals that reduce spending and lower taxes for individuals, so that they are allowed to spend more of their hard-earned dollars as they see fit.


Health Care

I believe the approach to providing affordable and accessible health care should be driven by the market and not by government. I will fight against top down approaches that allow Washington bureaucrats to make health care decisions for Minnesotans. Instead, I will promote policies that provide flexibility and competition in the marketplace to provide options, drive down costs, and empower individuals to make decisions that best fit their own needs.



Having a productive educational system is essential for our state’s future. I will work to ensure more accountability is placed in the classroom, teachers are rewarded for their student’s success, and parents and children have more options when it comes to their educational choices. I will fight for more local control of education and against educational fads such as Common Core and Standards Based Grading that do nothing to help students.



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